For those guitarists who love their Line6 HX Stomp and want even more versatility. The Rock Stock Dual Switch has...dual switches that expand your HX Stomp.

Part of the appeal of the HX Stomp is that it’s so compact. The Dual Switch was designed to give you more options while taking up very little real estate. With the Dual Switch you’ll be able to:

⦿ Change Banks
⦿ Toggle Presets
⦿ Switch Snapshots
⦿ Toggle Effects

Our featured artist Nick Hill will walk you through the set up:

Dual Switch Rock Stock Pedals


Control all of your time based effects with this small and mighty tap tempo switch. Control delays, tremolos, reverbs, modulations, and even your drummer’s timing (ok, that last one might be subjective).

With the Rock Stock Tap Tempo you can...

⦿ Effortlessly control all time-based effects (including modulation)
⦿ Easily add it to any pedalboard (even crowded ones)
⦿ Expand your POD HX Stomp (add an extra switch)

Perfect for guitarists and bassists who want to...

⦿ Unlock your pedal’s full potential
⦿ Perfectly match your effect to tempo
⦿ Reduce wear on your pedals

Our good friends at Pedal Of The Day will help you set up your Tap Tempo pedal :

Tap Tempo Rock Stock Pedals


If these tutorials weren't helpful enough and you still need direct assistance, reach out to us through our contact form and we'll make sure you're completely taken care of ASAP.

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