Tap Tempo Pedal (Normally Open, N.O.)


Effortlessly control any time based effect pedal with Rock Stock’s 100% Made in USA Tap Tempo Pedal. Simply take the “tap tempo” output on your pedal to the input jack of this pedal. Then tap away! This is a perfect companion for pedals without onboard tap tempos.

  • CONTROL ALL TIME BASED EFFECTS: Perfect for delays, reverbs, tremolos, and modulations. 
  • FITS ON ANY PEDALBOARD: The compact design easily fits on any crowded pedal board. 
  • EASY FOOT TAPPING: Non-latching Normally Open (NO) switch makes tapping effortless and accurate. 
  • NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Solid aluminum housing and high grade components give you one less thing to worry about at gigs. 
  • EXPAND YOUR HX STOMP: Use this switch to expand your Line6 HX Stomp by 1 switch.

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Digital effect pedals give you the ability to perfectly set your effect’s time to the metronome. While rolling the knob can get you close, a tap tempo switch will easily get it to the right tempo. 

Don’t stop at delays. Did you know that there are a lot more pedals with tap tempo capabilities? Use this tap tempo pedal to control the time of your reverbs, the rolling wave of your tremolos, and the swoosh of your flangers. If your pedal has a NO (Normally Open) tap tempo capability then this can control it. 

More than just a tap tempo. You can use this as an auxiliary foot switch on compatible multi effect processors. Line6 HX Stomp users will enjoy being able to expand their multi effects pedal by an extra switch. Within the HX Stomp you can set the purpose of the switch 

The solid aluminum housing is durable enough for any road warrior. The soft-touch non-latching switch lets you quickly and easily set and adjust the tempo on the fly. It uses the highest quality input jack by Switchcraft.


-Non-latching Normally Open soft-touch foot switch.  

-Compact design that fits on practically any pedalboard. 

-Switchcraft Input Jack for optimal connection.  

-Your choice of Gloss Black or Gloss White finish. 

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